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Preliminary Report of the Truth Committee on Public Debt (Debt Truth Committee), Athens 2015.

Updated: May 29, 2019

The Truth Committee on Public Debt (Debt Truth Committee), Athens 2015. was established in Athens on April 4th, 2015, by the President of the Hellenic Parliament, Zoe

Konstantopoulou. The scientific coordination was undertaken by Eric Toussaint, while its cooperation with the European Parliament and other Parliaments and international organizations was coordinated by Sofia Sakorafa, member of the European Parliament.

The members of the Committee convened in the Hellenic Parliament, in public and closed sessions, to produce this preliminary report under the supervision of Eric Toussaint and with the cooperation and input of other members of the Committee, experts, and contributors.

The Truth Committee did not conclude its work due to its suppression by the Syriza government later in 2015. However it managed to publish two official documents, its Preliminary Report in June 2015, and its report on the Illegitimacy, Illegality, Odiousness and Unsustainability of the August 2015 Memorandum of Understanding and Loan Agreement, in September 2015.

The Preliminary Report is an indispensable work of reference on issues of the Greek public debt, and also a most useful tool for every student of public debt in our time.

The Preliminary Report's chapters were coordinated by Ilias Bantekas, Thanos Contargyris, Maria Lucia Fattorelli, Michel Husson, Christina Laskaridis, Spyros Marchetos, Ozlem Onaran, Stavros Tombazos, Leonidas Vatikiotis, and Renaud Vivien.

Contributions were received from Héraclès Aktypis, Daniel Albarracin, Olivier Bonfond, Diego Borja, Sergi Cutillas, Raphaël Gonçalves Alves, Fotis Goutziomitros, Giorgos Kasimatis, Aris Kazakos, Cephas Lumina, Sonia Mitralias, Patrick Saurin, Pantelis Sklias, Despoina Spanou, Nikos Stromblos, and Sofia Tzitzikou.

The chapters of the Preliminary Report:

Chapter 1: Debt before the Troika Chapter 2: Evolution of the Greek public debt during 2010-2015 Chapter 3: Greek public debt by creditor in 2015 Chapter 4: Debt mechanism in Greece Chapter 5: Conditionalities against sustainability Chapter 6: The impact of the “bailout programme” on human rights Chapter 7: Legal issues surrounding the MOU and Loan Agreements Chapter 8: Assessment of the debt as regards illegitimacy, odiousness, illegality and unsustainability Chapter 9: Legal foundations for repudiation and suspension of the Greek sovereign debt

Here you can download the Preliminary Report.

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